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Machine Zone has begun its advertising campaign for the Mobile Strike modern-war strategy game that was mobile having a commercial starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Printed under Device Zone’s Epic War studio title, Cellular Strike is currently No. 2 3 in top downloads on the application shops, according to market researcher App Annie. It’s No. 46 on the top-grossing list. That’s an outcome that is pretty good, considering Machine Zone is only now beginning to advertise the sport.

The ad reveals a war room in which a big conflict will be tracked in real time. Schwarzenegger, dressed as a common, appears and claims, “The best defense is defense. Use all you can to protect your coalition. … Join me, and strike!”

The app is clearly getting some benefit in the enormous audience of millions that have downloaded Machine Zone’s success, Sport of War. That fantasy-strategy sport (marketed with advertisements that starred super model Kate-Upton and pop singer Mariah Carey) has been a top-grossing game as it came out two years past. Game of War h AS been No. 1 on the top-grossing list on the application retailers since the summertime, when it surpassed Supercell’s Clash of Clans.

I have been playing Cellular Strike Mobile Strike Hack Cheats Unlimited Gold since it arrived on the scene. But it has a contemporary-combat setting, and definitely the Terminator is the right pitch man for this type of name.

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